Sponsorship Information

Sponsor an Animal 

As you browse our cats and kittens you are able to select one or more kitties and provide a one time or a recurring sponsorship to help support their care.    This is especially important for some of our long time kitties who have lived at CatRangers Center for years.   Many of these "long timers" will likely remain in Cat Rangers care for the remainder of their lives and we count on contributions to help with their ongoing care.     Your recurring contributions help us budget and plan and we truly appreciate your commitments.  Please know that sponsorships are either one time or recurring and you can set the period of time for your sponsorship to end.  Unfortunately our system doesn't automatically stop your contributions if a kitty finds their forever home -- but all of our other kitties would sure appreciate your continuing contribution.... to "celebrate" the adoption of one of their CatRangers furry friends!

Recurring General Contributions

CatRangers has a wonderful home-like facility in Historic Downtown Buford where we care for 50-60 cats at any given time, with an additional 100-155 mom cats and kittens being cared for in foster homes.   Ongoing shelter, medical, food, and overhead are covered entirely by fundraising efforts.    Adoption fees charged only cover a portion of costs related to care and vetting of cats that we rescue and adopt.    As you can imagine, the need for cat rescue organizations is great and we can only exist with the strong support of the animal loving community. The better we succeed at fundraising, the more cats and kittens we can save. We hope you will consider making an ongoing contribution each month.   When you click the Donate button you are able to either make a one time contribution or set up a recurring payment.The kitties will be forever grateful for any help you can provide.

One Time Call for Contributions

You may also see our urgent Facebook callouts for contributions for extreme medical cases.CatRangers tries to help as many cats as possible, even when their medical care expenses can be staggering.  We can only do this through the support of our Facebook contributors and others who make contributions when we have specific special needs.  We appreciate every dollar we raise through these efforts.  

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

We would like to give a big shout out to those folks who set up Facebook birthday fundraisers.   Even small fundraising efforts add up and all of your efforts at greatly appreciated!