Your Donations Save Lives....

Every dollar that we receive helps us save more cats and kittens. Our adoption fees don't cover all of our costs for medical care, food, and spay/neuter. It's YOU who help us make a difference to our furry friends.

There are many ways to help CatRangers. You can watch our Facebook feed for specific Amazon needs or requests for donations to help rescued cats in severe medical distress.

You can easily donate here by clicking the Paypal link at the top of our page. You can even set up a monthly automatic donation by Paypal to help with our ongoing costs. The more regular revenue we have coming in the less time we have to spend fundraising and the more time we spend rescuing kitties.    

You can also look through our Adoptable Cats and select one or more kitties to sponsor for a regular monthly donation in an amount of your choosing, as little as $5 per month. Some of our kitties have lived at Cat Rangers Center for years and your help in sponsoring their "life of leisure" is invaluable.

Even small regular donations mean so much to helping us meet our budget needs and help more cats and kittens.

We cannot thank you enough for your support and we hope you will consider setting up a recurring donation through Paypal.   

Paypal processes our credit card payments, but you do not have to join Paypal to make a credit card payment.