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Cat Rangers is a licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that operates from their adoption and visitors center in Historic Buford, Georgia. The center has a home-like atmosphere where rescued and orphaned cats and kittens can recover and heal as can those who visit. CatRangers is a no-kill rescue that is entirely free roaming (cage free) so their adoptable cats can become accustomed to living in a home and  potential adopters can see their true nature. CatRangers rescues only cats and kittens facing dire situations, including abandonment, family crisis, injury and overcrowded animal control facilities, providing them with medical care, a loving environment and working to find them forever homes. Working with these often traumatized cats and kittens both physically and emotionally, truly restores their love for mankind, creating a permanent loving bond with their new families. CatRangers has rescued and found homes for over 6000 cats and kittens since 2010. Their mission continues to be rescuing cats and kittens with urgent needs and placing them in permanent loving homes, thus helping both cats and families to heal and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between animalkind and humankind. We hope you will feel moved to align with our mission and choose to donate, volunteer or foster and make a difference in the lives of our furry friends and their families. Together We Can Save Lives....

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Our long term kitties are nurtured in a our home like environment in our center in Buford.   Kittens are usually kept with foster homes while younger so that they can be properly socialized to become warm, loving and fun members of their forever families.   To meet a kitten you are interested in, we coordinate an appointment to meet at foster's home or have foster meet you with kitty at the center.

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Fendi is the sweetest girl, a perfect lap kittie and a cat that just wants to be loved.   She's dreaming of her new family finding her and taking her home.  She'll spend her first fe...read more about Fendi
This little love was abandoned at one of our vets, with all types of issues!!!  This poor girl had Lungworm when she came in (VERY EASY TO CURE), so it made no sense why her parents left her ther...read more about Hula
Bogie is a very big lovable teddy bear cat. He needs a home environment with no other animals and someone that knows when he has been overstimulated. He would love to have a new forever family that ...read more about Bogart
Jazzy is a beautiful dilute orange tabby girl with piercing golden green eyes!  She's so elegant, she can walk across the mantle without disturbing anything!  Exploring is one of ...read more about Jazzy
Darcy is a lovely playful girl who loves petting but is still a bit too unpredictable to be around young children.   She may swipe when she's had enough petting.   Sh...read more about Darcy

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