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Journey Girl

Journey Girl has been on quite the journey in her short 6 months. She has recovered from being hit by a car and having 2 broken legs.  She is a silly, playful kitten who loves playing with her foster friends and adores her foster mom. Her favorite toy is pom poms.  After being in a crate for 3 months, she is ready to run and play.  She would prefer to have another kitty to play with and wants to have baskets or things she can curl up tight in.  Her story is below. 


Journey ran across Jimmy Carter Blvd, all 6 lanes, while her rescuer attempted to slow traffic to save her. She made it through 5 lanes, but not the 6th. She was hit and ran into a bush on the side of the road. Her rescuer stopped his car and despite knowing an injured kitten would quite likely bite him, he grabbed her and stuffed her into his jacket. He spotted an animal control officer nearby and asked if they could help, but unfortunately, they don’t accept kitty’s in the field. Then she noticed he had been bitten by the kitten and demanded he turn the kitten over to her. He complied and Journey rode to animal control under rabies quarantine after being hit by a car. She spent the next 10 days on pain meds in a cage. Her rescuer was referred to Catrangers by the animal control as a possible way to keep her from being euthanized. When she came to Catrangers, she had two fractures on one leg and another in her other leg. The first specialist suggested $10k surgery to all three fractures but clarified that pins in a kitten don’t always work well. Our second vet recommended amputation of the leg with two fractures and surgery on the other, but Journey was destined to have another outcome. When she went in for amputation, the vet felt she could possibly repair the breaks in her leg and that her other leg could heal in time. It’s been  3 months and her surgery was successful! She still has all 4 legs and she is healed quite well. She’s a sweet rambunctious girl, who is just beginning her life and looking for the perfect family to spend the rest of her life with.

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