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This sleek and stunning panther, Didgeredoo, (along with quite a few more), we still don't know how many from this case  yet as we have not trapped them all) came from a colony who were being fed in a wonderful good Samaritan's yard and they loved him.  He didn't TNR and well cats started to multiply.  He asked if we could help and TNR these kits and when we started, we realized how sociable many of them truly were.  So we asked him if we could work on finding them furrrrever homes and he was thrilled that they'd always have their very own human to dote on them 24/7.  All of these babies are just wonderful and would make wonderful additions to any family!!!!

Didgeredoo is just this huge, loveable kit!!!!  He's still having a few trust issues, but he loves his human foster!!!!  When he finds his human, he'll never let go!!!



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