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Angie Girl

Both Angie Girl and Tipper lived in a free roaming/community/feral colony. The caregiver that fed them and worked on earning their trust every day.  She trapped them for spay/neuter for TNR (trap, neuter, return). Their left ear is tipped, the universal sign, that they are altered and live in a colony. That is now their Badge of Honor!!

They were very cautious but showed up at feeding time. She was determined to gain their trust and save them from a life living outdoors and began calling them by name. It took time and being patient and many, many months. As they got closer she began touching and petting them. They slowly started to trust her and each day when she called their names they came running to be fed and petted. 

After hearing the story Cat Rangers graciously agreed to accept them.

Both became very attached to her and she visits them many times a week at Cat Rangers Center.

Angie is a beautiful, sweet, laid back, gentle soul, but a little shy. She gets along with all the cats and shows no aggression even if the other cats hiss at her. If her adopter is patient and accepts her on her own terms she will warm your heart with love. 


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