about us

CatRangers is a 501(c)(3) animal rescue group that was actually founded in 2005 as The Center for the Advancement of Higher Knowledge to provide education programs on the unity and interconnectedness of all living creatures.

CatRangers rescue programs started with a two year long feral cat program with the Corp of Engineers at Lake Lanier, Georgia. A large colony of feral cats was mandated for destruction and through group efforts and cooperation among many humane organizations almost all the cats were rescued and properly spay/neutered. This was the beginning of the CatRangers “Last Chance” program.

CatRangers rescues only animals that are facing imminent death. These can be shelter animals on death row, abandoned animals or even those caught up in hoarding situations. CatRangers works primarily through their center in Buford, Georgia—La Maison du Chat—where rescue kitties can recover before finding them loving forever homes. La Maison du Chat is a Cat Cafe, gift shop, and special event venue, where visitors can enjoy coffee or tea and free wifi in the company of very loving felines.

CatRangers works closely with other rescue groups across the US to find safe havens for animals in peril. Each rescue group that is considered completes appropriate request application and a CatRanger representative will complete a formal site survey before transferring any animals to their care.

CatRangers adoptions include home delivery for all pets as well as a voucher for the life of the pet to return them to CatRangers in the event they cannot keep them. CatRangers realizes that home delivery and lifetime return policies will reduce the number of adoptions annually but believes that these policies will provide a better life for their adopted pets.

The rescue efforts of CatRangers are focused on animal shelters in the Georgia area that wish to reduce their euthanization rates through rescue and adoption. These shelters and animal controls accept CatRangers "Last Chance" applications on animals that are listed for adoption. In the event the animal with that application is scheduled for euthanization, the shelter contacts CatRangers to rescue the animal rather than destroying him/her. CatRangers “Last Chance” Program is a network of rescue groups and individuals who are committed to saving the lives of animals on “death row”. These rescue groups and individuals submit sponsorships and applications to save those animals that would truly die without their support. The “Last Chance” Program gives the shelter animals the most time possible to be adopted and taken to their forever home while still protecting them from being put to death.


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